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Subject: Re: FLASH: I really need your help guys
From: Frederico
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 12:19:07 +0100

On 7/31/00 4:40 AM Mountain Time, JamieD via jamie [dot] dyeratpepper [dot] co [dot] uk,

>[numerous examples of Tpe 2's]
>I have tried everything I know to resolve the problem. I can export other
>flash movies without a problem. I have also tried exporting the movie on a
>different computer and I still get the same error!

First thing to try is doing a 'Save As...' and allowing Flash to create a
new copy of the same FLA, then try exporting from the new copy. Often
internal file resource corruptions can be resolved in this manner.

Second, and although you say the error follows you to second computer
(Mac or Wintel?), it is always worth a 'Restart' with 'Extensions OFF'
(hold Shift key after Happy Mac until Mac OS splash sceen message) to
check for possible extension conflicts.

Third, many Type 2's are still out-of-memory errors; try allocating even
more memory to Flash, particularly if it is a very large FLA, contains
sounds or complex scripting.

Fourth, try to Quit Flash, delete the Flash prefs file(s), then relaunch
Flash and try again.

If those methods don't resolve it, please reply in detail with your
actions and results, and we'll be happy to lead you through several other



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