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Subject: FLASH: FAQ-A Newbie Guide And Quick Reference
From: JGL
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 12:53:34 +0100

Welcome to the Flasher List!

*This is a unofficial Flasher List FAQ*
Delivered every Monday to the Flasher List!

~Please save this email for future reference~

Here are some helpful pointers to get you started using one of the most
valuable tools for developing with Macromedia's Flash - this list!

*Be sure to explore the manual and/or some 'on-line resources' before
submitting a question.

When Posting:
*Be sure your subject contains relevant info about your question. A subject
that says 'Site Check' should contain the url. A subject 'Picture problems'
should say 'picture problems - red box', if that is the problem. Please
don't say stuff like 'Newbie Question' or 'Please Help' unless you
specifically mention the questions topic. This helps archiving the 100 or so
e-mails this list gets daily.
*When initiating/responding from digest mode, please be sure to follow the
above as well.
*Please trim your posts. When replying - remove the ad at the bottom and any
other irrelevant information.
*Please make sure your system clock/time zone is correctly set so people's
e-mail programs can chronologically display the posts.
*Please avoid posting off topic comments or questions; if you must, please
append the subject of your off topic email with [OT].
*Please keep your signature lines to a reasonable and respectful limit.
*Cross posting to other lists simultaneously with the same question is
usually a no-no.
*Please do not spam the list, even 'accidentally'.
*No need to write to the list to thank people. Everyone knows you are

Online Resources:
Members of this list have created or contributed some excellent resources.
Please use them!
http://i-technica.com/flashlist - Created By Helen Triolo
www.arisstudios.com/flash - Created By Eric Stewart

Macromedia has an extensive library of technotes with a search function!
Find it at:
Many basic and not so basic questions can be answered at the technotes.

Many Flashers have developed sites dedicated to Flash development.
Find a list also at:
and navigate to 'More Resources'.

Frequently suggested developer aimed Flash Sites with tutorials, ideas,
open source fla's etc.:

Last 100 Posts to this list:

If you see anything left out or know of any improvements for this FAQ,
please let me know!
Happy Flashing!
James Lakes (JGL)
infoatdesignthenet [dot] com (mailto:infoatdesignthenet [dot] com)

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