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Subject: Re: FLASH: Re: Flash and Databases
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 13:12:58 +0100

Matt Coyne wrote:
> On first glance:
> Flame thrower option sounds really good but limited to MAC servers and noe
> demo to trial.
> Macromedia's Generator sounds ideal but isn't the cost a bit prohibitive?
> Does any Hosting company provide it?
> Lasso sounds more technical but I'm gonna look at it. Would Ultradev make it
> easier for me? What about hosting?
> No mention of Swift Generator. Has anyone had any experience they can share?
> Does it work in the same way as MACR Generator?
> Oh yeah, is there a way of automating the generation of creating swf's from
> 2000 images!!!!! ;^)


I believe, from someone's comments about the Generator presentation at
FF2K, that you can use Generator offline to generate a template and
batch process the creation of swf's from jpg's, so you might want to
look into that as a possibility. Also, Till Steinmetz posted a way of
doing this with swift generator (Flash Q&A archive below; search on
batch convert). You could do that and then use any of the standard
database options with Flash without the additional expense of Generator
hosting (but it wouldn't be as convenient when you wanted to add
entries, since you'd have to do the offline convert first, then upload
the new swf, etc)

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