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Subject: Re: FLASH: I really need your help guys
From: Frederico
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 14:22:38 +0100

On 7/31/00 5:34 AM Mountain Time, JamieD via jamie [dot] dyeratpepper [dot] co [dot] uk,

>1- I opened the macromedia library item called 'check box' so I could see
>how they had made theirs. I never used the item in my movie. When I try to
>delete the item from my library flash crashes with the same error (type 2).

This sounds like it's the most promising blame trail, but there should
still be a way to save the file.

>2- I tried copying the scenes that are working into a new file, the is some
>weird black shapes on the stage that looks like squashed text. They are not
>actually there, I cannot select them and they are not on any frame.

I've seen this before; using Swiff tools (Wintel only) can usually get at
objects *seemingly* not otherwise accessible in Flash. Once you have the
location, you can better track them down in the FLA, but you need a good
SWF to start with.
>What are the best types of fonts to use with flash? I am using mainly
>Postscript level1 fonts. I have tried to replace all of the fonts in my
>movie with True Type fonts, This is when weird things started happening. (I
>only started changing the fonts after flash started crashing).

We don't typically run into any problems using TrueType fonts, so I don't
know what to tell you, and, matter of fact, MM advises you use only
TrueType to avoid conflicts. Now it's possible that those fonts may be
corrupt in themselves; use FontAgent or ye olde drag'n'back method to to
verify. As for Postscript, I know I rarely use them for Flash, and I
don't think my Flash team uses them much for Flash, either; mainly
because ATM has given so many problems since OS 8.6. That said, however,
as long as your ATM is up to date and running properly, you should have
no problems.

If you'd like, you can stuff your trouble FLA and the needed
fonts/library objects and put it on an FTP/HTTP address, and we'll be
happy to see if we can save it here, either on Mac or Wintel.



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