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Subject: RE: FLASH: ADMIN: a suggestion
From: List Owner
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 14:31:25 +0100

At 10:05 27/07/00 -0400, Damien Morton wrote:
>Actually, the whole line of reasoning about size is suspect. Forgive me if I
>led the conversation down that road. And yes, I was computing in the days
>when a 1MB hard disk was something only a business could afford.

Without going back into the figures...any trimming of posts, removing the
footer and only responding to the relevant sections does help enormously.
Apologies if someone has already mentioned this, but a 1Kb email turns into
1Mb (roughly) when it's sent to 1,000 people. Multiply that by the number
of emails (per day even) and the number of subscribers and you're talking a
large volume.

More importantly, we're all busy people, so the less we have to go through
the better!

>It was repetion of the same sponsorship message within emails that got to
>me. I had received several emails that had the message repeated several
>times within them. Flashforward is over, lets just keep the sponsorship
>messages short and to the point, and if possible, could there be a filter so
>that the message appears only once in an email.

Hopefully, by the time you receive this message you'll notice that the
Flashforward ad from the footer of this message has disappeared. I have
been trying to put together a filter so these ads don't get repeated, but
due to the vagaries of all the email systems out there, it's harder than it
might seem. The other option is to sort out the messages manually, but that
would slow down the pace considerably and I don't think anyone would
particularly welcome that.

On a general note, I think everyone would appreciate it, if you could take
the time just to delete all the unecessary lines at the bottom of emails
you send to the list. Ditto for signatures, as long as you're crediting the
right people with their quotes, I think it's safe to say you don't need to
include any over-long .sig details, other than web address and email.

Toodle Pip

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