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Subject: FLASH: GO TO & Play - > BUG ?? corrupt ?? or am I stupid & blind ?
From: Gabriel Mulzer
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 16:21:15 +0100

can someone please help me : this action does not work in my mc :

If (../:nav_command eq "cleanup")
Begin Tell Target ("../")
Go to and Play ("clean_up")
End Tell Target
End If

I got the suspicion the file or my flash installation is corrupt
or am I doing something completely wrong ?

the file is at http://voxangelica.net/werkstatt/goto_bug.zip

if you test it, you first have to type "permitted" into the field (i.e
then type in cleanup

the movie jumps to the label, but DOES NOT PLAY and I cant see why

please help me


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  Re: FLASH: GO TO & Play - > BUG ?? corru, Wayne Pennell \( Web Mast

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