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Subject: RE: FLASH: site check
From: Eric Stewart
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 16:22:43 +0100

The sound effects the first page are very soft, you need to increase the
volume. Also the e-mail me link on the first page launches my email program
when I mouse over it, not a good thing, make it a button that a person must
click on. The graphics are pretty good and the idea is pretty neat, keep up
the work and keep your chin up.
Eric Stewart
chessie wrote:
Here's an attempt at a Big Brother's fan site with Flash. Since I was
having problems with my entire webpage flashing on and off rapidly, I
remade the pages several times. Looks like I carelessly didn't ditch the
entire page, because there's some flashing graphics showing through behind
some links. ACK!! Why is that?

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  RE: FLASH: site check, chessie

  FLASH: site check, chessie

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