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Subject: RE: FLASH: Sound slider
From: JGL
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 16:26:04 +0100

I'm no vb person, but Brandon Hall's f5 volume slider from a previous post
makes me think that instead of banging your head against the wall, you may
be able to do this with F5. Can you wait til then? It's not like you have to
wait til x-mas or anything - I here your hands can be on it as early as late
august . . .

I was going to give you a link . . . but i suspect that MM said - hey bubba
no show f5 stuff - cause it's gone!

Hey branden, where are the f5 samples?

hmmmm . . .


-----Original Message-----
Right, but the slider doesn't work on the 'fly'. It has to restart the sound
file after adjustment is made to the volume.

Still, any VB people out there that can offer a Yea or Nea to the previous
question ??

-----Original Message-----
Here is an annoying link for a slider...
The scream is horrible to the ear...


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