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Subject: RE: FLASH: Re: flasher-digest V1 #3526
From: JGL
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 17:00:09 +0100

-----Original Message-----

I am setting a flash movie as stand alone projector and I would like to
have a sort of 'on idle' script to go to some specific part of the movie
when the user is not doing anything on the screen. Any ideas to achieve
this? I was trying to find some related information without any luck...

-----I asked something similar once-----
Subject:FLASH: Chopped liver . . . yeah that's me . . . [WAS]Timer To Play
If Next Button Not Pressed

Seems simple . . . guess it can't be done :(
I have a next button that shows up after the the preloader is satisfied.
What I would like to do is have the movie automatically resume (play) if the
next button is 'not' clicked, say after 30 seconds. How?

-----Reply from Mr. Branden Hall-----
No, you can do it...
In the first frame after the preloader is done (where the next button
resides) put this code in:
set variable: "startTime" = getTimer

Then create an MC called countDown in this put two frames, where the 2nd
frame is the exact same as the first. The code in the frames is as follows:

if ((getTimer-/:startTimer) > 30000)
Begin Tell Target ("/")
End Tell Target
end if

>>>>>>More info . . . another option<<<<<<<<<<<

On one site I have a movie clip that tell targets the main movie to do that
with the timer thing. I also made a way for you to turn it off i.e. an
'autoplay button' that toggles that clip to do it's thing .. .


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