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Subject: Re: FLASH: go to (specific) frame help
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 20:52:45 +0100

basic question:

i am trying to go from one(1) movie (2.swf) to the first(1.swf)...the first
movie has a label in frame 20 named "tw"

they are both located in the same directory...when i call the first via ie,
the result is a melding of the two movies from the beginning of the first
movie (not from the label)...what have i done wrong?

here is the code:

On (Press)
Load Movie ("1.swf", 1)
Begin Tell Target ("/")
Go to and Play ("tw")
End Tell Target
End On

can anyone help? has anyone experienced this before?
thanks in advance.

J. J. Beatrice, Owner
Commandline Media

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