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Subject: Re: FLASH: Re: Flash and Databases
From: Mike Chambers
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 19:34:50 +0100

> > Macromedia's Generator sounds ideal but isn't the cost a bit
> > Does any Hosting company provide it?

>From the way it sounds like you would be using Generator, you could get the
Developer's edition which is only $999. If you buy it when you upgrade to
Flash 5 then the total cost is something like $700.

There may be a few places that host Generator content, but as a general rule
this is against the Generator license aggreement. You are not supposed to
sub-lease your server to third parties.

As far as using some sort of middleware, I would jsut use ASP, JSP, PHP, or
Cold Fusion. In many cases the servers are free (jsp, and php) and it is
very easy to get support for the languages (since so many people use them),
In fact, i think that php now has some native Generator interface built in.

> > No mention of Swift Generator. Has anyone had any experience they can
> > Does it work in the same way as MACR Generator?

Swift Generator might do some or all of the stuff you need. However, it does
not have as many features as Generator, and I am not sure how scalable it is
(I haven't seen any white papers on it).

> > Oh yeah, is there a way of automating the generation of creating swf's
> > 2000 images!!!!! ;^)

Generator would do this for you.

Hope this helps...

Mike Chambers

meshatspeakeasy [dot] org

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