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Subject: FLASH: using math to establish relationship between Y coords and scale?
From: Kurt Dommermuth
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 19:29:16 +0100

Hi All,

I am struggling with something that I was hoping someone out there could
help with.

I have a "field of water" in which I am duplicating a "jumping
dolphin". The dolphin is being place randomly in this field. I would like
to establish a tidy little relationship between the dolphins Y coordinate
and its size. The lower _y is the smaller the dophins scale, the larger _y
is the greater the dolphins scale.

_y is this...

Set Variable: "randomY" = Random (35) + 125

I have to use these coords because this is where the "water" is.

Currently I have used my very limited math to use "randomY" to determine an
OK proportionate scale.

Set Variable: "Scale" = int(( randomY / 160) * 100)

The only problem is that "Scale" will only be between 78 and 100 and it
would be far more realistic that "Scale" be between say 20 and 100. In
other words I need to make the variation in scale more dramatic.

Is there a nice neat way to use _y ("randomY") to determine a more dramatic

I realize I could accomplish this with a long series of "If" statements,
but it would just be a mess and I'm trying be cool with math!


Thanks for any help!


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