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Subject: Re: FLASH: text question
From: Mike S
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 22:24:12 +0100


>Does anybody know how to turn antialiasing off for text
>in an swf?
>What I have tried so far and haven't gotten to work:
>- View, Antialias -- doesn't carry over to the exported swf.
>- breaking the text apart -- still has that antialiased look
>- text field properties -- nothing here that worked

You're close ;) Try creating an editable text field. Make sure that the
glyph settings
are set to "Do not include font outlines". This will cause flash to use
the font renderer for the platform. (If your platform is performing
your fonts may still be antialiased.) Disable editing, border, and
selection if so desired.

Note that if you use this method flash won't be able to smoothly scale or
rotate fonts correctly
because these features are not built into most platforms.


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  FLASH: text question, Pat

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