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Subject: Flash sound probs, again.
From: David Gary
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 11:48:39 +0100

Someone said that "stop sound" actions inside movie clips would not effect
sounds on
the maintimeline.
This simply is _NOT_ true. I have "stop sound" action keyframes inside a
clip to loop and keep in sinc with an animation.
However these "stop sound" actions inside the movie clips stop the looping
music sound on my main timeline.

Ive also apllied the music loop as its own movie clip and placed it on the
main timeline.
However any "stop sounds" action placed in the other movie clips _stop_ ALL

I think we can see what my Flash4 wish would be. We have to be able to
what is going on with the sounds.

Anyway around this prob without having to
use "load movie" option and introduce another level just for a music loop?


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  Flash sound probs, again., David Gary

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