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Subject: old plugin shows blank screen and no warning.
From: Christian Cook
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 12:28:39 +0100

I have noticed that the old plugin simply shows a blank screen when
encountering new Flash 3 content. And this is not a one off issue as we
have had a flood of calls to ISL about our site disappearing and this
has been fixed in all cases by updating the plugin. But without any
warnings on screen, loads of users will miss all the lovely new Flash 3

MM, can you not put some auto checking into the plugin so that it checks
and warns if it needs updating. Shocked websites just vanishing without
warning is not the best of advertisments for such a brilliant

Ah, detection scripts you say.

Well, I checked out the table of which OS/browser combinations support
detection scripts and it wasn't exactly all encompassing. I used
dreamweaver to detect flash 2.0 and then changed the script to read
"Shockwave Flash 3.0" but now it just ends everyone to the no shockwave
warning page.

the site and source are all at http://www.isluk.com

anyone know a reliable script for checking for shockwave Flash 3.0

I am not having a moan here. I think that Shockwave is still the best
solution in web design and I applaud the efforts of MM in continually
pushing it forward. I don't want to turn this into a slag down MM thread
or a stop picking on MM thread. It's neither, I just want some advice on
how other people have tackeld this.

Cheers. hopefully I've covered my back there... But I'll probably get
the odd flame anyway ;)

Christian Cook
Web Designer, ISL
<cccatisluk [dot] com (mailto:cccatisluk [dot] com)>
isolated? feel the ambience- <http://www.soton.ac.uk/~web>

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