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Subject: Mime type problem
From: Daniel
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 01:33:17 +0100

Hello all,

I am having a strange problem and am not sure of the best fix.
I exported a flash3 movie (.swf), added it to my index page
(using dreamweaver), and then uploaded the site to my apache

when i preview the document in dreamweaver, the flash movie
works great.

but when i publish the site and go to look at it with netscape 404..

I get the puzzle piece telling me i need to download a plugin.

it wants me to download a html/text plugin from Macromedia.

I can only guess that the problem is that i dont have the .swf
mime type added on my apache web server...

If this is the case, could someone explain to me how to add this mime
to my server? I understand the logic...just dont know EXACTLY how to do it
for apache yet.

If i am having a different problem, could someone please clue me in...


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