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Subject: HTML borders
From: trotter
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:38:00 +0100

Does anybody out there know how to eliminate matte-type borders around
Flash movies in a browser? I've tried everything, namely, manually
setting in HTML all margin widths to "0", setting and resetting alignment
values in Aftershock, setting and resetting fit values in Aftershock,
etc., but no matter what I try, the movie always plays with a border
around it, though the size and placement varies with the values I place
in it.

The only reason I'm determined to keep trying to eliminate it is that I
know it can be done, like on the E3 media site, where there is no border,
and the Flash movie resizes automatically with the browser window:

I also tried making the Flash movie larger than the browser window, but
then it crops it incorrectly.

I'm using Flash 3, incidentally.


Dave Trotter
trotteratcvm [dot] msstate [dot] edu

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  Re: HTML borders, John Croteau

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