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Subject: Re: get your list together
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 07:14:33 +0100

Jochen Haeberle wrote:

> Hi,
> At 18:34 Uhr +0100 25.06.1998, Franzese, Chris wrote:
> >Forget about the flash wish list,
> >how about a list wish list.
> >
> >I have recieved messages from this list
> >sent to the addresses
> >
> >flasheratshocker [dot] com
> >'flasheratshocker [dot] com'
> >Flash
> >flash
> >Flash group
> >flasheratmail [dot] chinwag [dot] com
> >'Mulitple recipients of flasher'
> >etc.....
> Where's your problem, Chris?
> Have your client check for the "Reply-To" header and the value
> "flasheratshocker [dot] com" and off you go...
> You might even check for "Sender" with "owneratshocker [dot] com".
> Perhaps you should get to know your software before shouting at others... ;-)
> Jochen

Here here,

This threads dragged on long enough.
Remember everyone starts out as a newbie. I remember mouthing of years ago and
finding out the problem was due to one of my own errors.

We all do.


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  Re: get your list together, Jochen Haeberle

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