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Subject: Re: Animated Lines
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 07:20:20 +0100

Daniel wrote:

> How can i achieve the effect of lines trailing out...
> I want a line to start at one point and 'move' to another point leaving a
> trail...
> How can i do this? ive seen it done before...
> Also i want to send a 'pulse' through the line... i know i can use motion
> paths for this...
> Please help me out :)
> Thx
> Dan

Hiya Dan,

1. draw line on first frame.(note that if you make line from "paint" option
it will animate quicker, but this is more of a process).

2. make it a symbol

3. add, say, 15 keyframes.

4. add keyframe at frame 15

5. on frame 15 scale line to length you want

6. goto frame one and clik on keyframe, tween and turn off rotate
option.(making sure "scale" option is checked.

7. WALA!



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  Animated Lines, Daniel

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