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Subject: Re: New Tutorial: Flash 2/3 Detection
From: Colin Moock
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 15:38:08 +0100

flasheratshocker [dot] com,Internet writes:
>im thinking about changing the refreshlink in the meta tag
>to a page that implies that javascript is turned off
It's probably true that most users that land on the
"unabletodetectflash.html" page will have ended up there because they
have manually disabled JavaScript. So you could safely put a notice
like "JavaScript Not Available--Please enable JavaScript in your
browser, or visit...etc.". That way, you address the majority
specifically, while also giving less common browsers accurate
information about what's going on. I felt the
"unabletodetectflash.html" page was really important for old or
uncommon browsers. We're used to a high level of technology in North
America, Europe, Asia etc, but some parts of the world have a much
slower adoption rate...

>-maybe not the best way. is there any otherway to check
>if javascript is turned off?
You can't really use JavaScript to detect JavaScript (like you can't
turn the light on so you can find the light switch...). I think you're
pretty much stuck with putting alternative content either on your
javascript page or on a different page you link to with META.

Anyone else have ideas?


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  Re: New Tutorial: Flash 2/3 Detection, Gabriel Mulzer

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