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Subject: Re: get your list together
From: Franzese, Chris
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 16:15:38 +0100

Sincere apologies for my snappy attitude. Strange what I do on limited
sleep. Yelling at the people to whom I turned for help days before.

In my original statement, I made the mistake of confusing intelligence
with education level, including my own. This is really a problem for the
list, note cc. in original to owneratshocker [dot] com By posting to the list
as well, I hoped to encourage those who were using these alternate list
addresses to clean up their address book. Lesson learned: mean is the
opposite of encouraging.

It is still a problem for me however. Checking for the "Reply To"
header as suggested by Jochen doesn't seem to be available on my
Microsoft Exchange client. In the in-box assistant I see options to
perform actions based on [ from, sent to, subject, message body, size in
kilobytes at least/at most, recieved from date, recieved to date.
importance, sensitivity, items with attachments, and only items that do
not match these criteria. ]

The two solutions that I can figure out are
1) forward all mail sent to me to a folder and perform the action delete
on everything else
2) unsubscribe and re-subscribe from a new e-mail account.

Back to the positive.
Last week I lost sleep and started the Flash learning proccess. You can
see this work at http://www.getwavetop.net. The splash was designed by
a co-worker but I made the mini-site and the demo animation. It's about
two minutes, weighing in at 240k. Heavy.

Thanks for the help

Christopher Franzese
franzeseatk2design [dot] com
Designer, K2 DESIGN
phone: 212.301.8824

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  Re: get your list together, Jochen Haeberle

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