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Subject: Re: jpg, bmp to vector image converter?
From: trotter
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 16:15:14 +0100

>Hiya Flashers,
>Does anyone know if there is such thing as a converter that will convert
>gif or bmp
>files to a vector format that can then be imported into Flash3?
>Trying to find away to keep larger detailed images in a better quality
>keeping file size small.
>Any clues? Or am I pissing in the wind here?
I had a similar problem, if you're talking about the necessary processing
power needed to convert a bitmap into vectors with Flash 3. It seems
like there would have to be an easier way to do it outside the
application. Actually, it seems like Macromedia would offer a bundled
utility, like Aftershock, to do it outside Flash 3, so you'd only be
importing vector graphics and not trying to convert them, too.

At work, I'm running Flash 3 on a Mac G3, and it's crashed my machine
repeatedly while trying to Trace Bitmap, giving me a prompt warning that
tells me I don't "have enough memory to complete process," or something
like that. And it's a brand new machine, too. Freaking Mac. (No
offense, Mac Loyalists, but it's incredibly frustrating.)

Incidentally, I haven't yet tried running Flash 3 on a Windows machine
yet, but I should get in my copy for Windows next week. Has anybody out
there run it on both platforms, and if so, how is one superior to the
other, if at all?

Dave Trotter
trotteratcvm [dot] msstate [dot] edu

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  Re: jpg, bmp to vector image converter?, Colin Moock

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