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Subject: PNG Alpha Transparencies
From: Dimmy
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 21:13:44 +0100

Okay... I am an idiot.

I have read quite a few postings here where someone said that in order to
import a raster image without its background, you would have to use PNG. I
tried a dozen times to create a simple image (a square) with a transparent
background in PhotoShop, and when I "Save A Copy..." as PNG, and I import
into Flash 3, I get a White Background surrounding the image...

I thought by saving as PNG and importing into Flash3, I can eliminate the
background. Is that not right? *scratches head* Could someone please shed
some light on this. Thanks a bunch... And if eliminating the background is
possible simply by importing a PNG file (apart from <Break Apart> or <Trace
Bitmap> in Flash), could someone please give a "dummy-guide" step-by-step
method as to how to do so from PhotoShop to Flash 3. Thanks. *smile*


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  Re: PNG Alpha Transparencies, Tom Simpson

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