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Subject: Re: jpg, bmp to vector image converter?
From: David Gary
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 17:05:15 +0100

I guess Im still a little confused.
When I create an image in Flash using the gradient tool it exports .swf as
vector and is extremely small.
If I export the same image as a jpg. Re-import it as jpg its much larger as
.swf. on export.
My question was really, if I create a fairly simply image in Photoshop and
want to import
it into Flash as vector format. Is there anything that with convert it into
Flash's vector
format as if the image were created in Flash authoring enviroment itself?

Say I paint a simple shape(box) in PS that has shadows, etc. Is there anyway
I can convert
that into Flash3 where Flash will read it using the same proceedure as if
you were to use the gradient tool?

hmmm, how do I put this?, I create a cube in Flash3 creating different
shadows with the gradient tool.
I create same cube, but this time using Photoshop, using airbrush for
shadows and export as jpg or bmp.

Now, is there a vector convertor proggy that will take that jpg or bmp that
can be imported into Flash3 editor
and Flash export that vector format the way it would read it if you created
it in Flash3 itself?

Im trying to convert a jpg or bmp of the cube, import it into Flash as
vector format and it keep the same file
size of the .swf on export as it would if I created it in Flash3 editor
itself using the gradient tool for shadowing.


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