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Subject: Re: ISP needs Flash site, chance for exposure
From: David Gary
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 17:03:38 +0100

Marjorie Alexander wrote:

> Greetings all.
> I'm too busy to do this...so here's the scoop:
> An ISP out of Cincinnati wants a 100% Flash site. They want it "Cool".
> They've seen the Gabocorp site and, of course, like what they saw there.
> You'd receive lots of exposure for your work.....design referrals.
> That's the compensation. Possibly some free web server space.
> They'd like it "live" in two weeks.
> You'd have free reign.....just make it cool.
> Flash 3 technology.
> Interested?
> We'd need to see your Flash URLs.
> Thanks.

Hiya Marjorie,

With all due respect, I would discourage anyone from taking on a project
like this for absolutely no compensation
than exposure. This falls in that typical "were having a contest for the
best art and whoever wins gets his work on our site"
catagory. This practice degrades our standard and hard work. I see it more
and more. Companies are seeing an oportunity
to get work done for free and this simply hurts all of us trying to make our
livelyhood in this profession.

Ask that ISP if their service is for free.

Its actually a slap in the face to all of us. I dont sacrifice hours, days,
months learning "cutting edge" technology
to spend my time promoting a company's brand for free. I discourage anyone
of us to either.

Yeah, ask Gabo if he would do it for you for free. Anyone else that would
spend that much time on a site
and be that in-tune with Flash3 technology wouldnt either, not unless he was
a complete moron.

The Artist Guild discourages against these practices in print and
publication unless its for a non-profit
organizations and so should we as a Flash designer comunity.

Is you want free server space goto www.business.com or geocities. Its free
all day.

If you are innovative, have great design skill and know Flash3 in your
sleep. Believe me you will get

Again I would discourage anyone from taking on this type of project or
"freebie" work unless
its for a charity or non-profit organization.


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