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Subject: Re: ISP needs Flash site, chance for exposure
From: Jason Nugent
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 01:11:25 +0100

On Sun, 28 Jun 1998, Pete Grant wrote:

> >You'd receive lots of exposure for your work.....design referrals.
> >That's the compensation. Possibly some free web server space.
> If I want exposure, I'll take off my clothes.

right on. Of course, doing that might lead to more "Stick
Figure" flash sites like the one from last week. :)
I'll add my two bits here too - Speaking from experience, I know
what a drag it is to get stuck in a "do it for nothing" rut. I've even
been scammed into doing sites where the person you built it for didn't
want to pay you, but rather give you a "percentage of the profits" (the
three worst words in the English language) that the site generates in
terms of revenue. Talk about a sham.
The problem is - most people just don't realize how much work
goes into building a site that not only looks good and delivers the
intended message, but also looks comparable in most browsers. That's the
piece of pie right there, IMO. With plugins and ActiveX controls this
problem is alleviated somewhat but you still have to worry about it.
People sometimes balk at you when you tell them that it might
take two weeks and a thousand dollars to put together a reasonable site
for them (at least they do with me, and two weeks isn't much time to put
a site together, especially if it is large). What they don't realize is
that, in my case anyway, you might be working at home, on your own
hardware, with software that you paid good money for, with potentially no
benefits (if you are self employed, let's say). A free site isn't going
to pay for the three grand of hardware sitting on your desk, or the
software that is packed into it. Or the bills to run it. Etcetera.
I still do charity work. I still do non-profit org work. BUT,
it gets pushed to the back of the people who actually pay my bills. You
don't have a choice... you gotta eat, right?

I'm gonna go have a pop tart.


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  Re: ISP needs Flash site, chance for ex, Pete Grant

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