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Subject: boy the mail....
From: Jim Curry
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 02:00:09 +0100

Hi Folks,
Boy! I go away for a few days and I can't believe the mail on this
list. Loved all the info and especially John's news about Flash and
I added the Flamingo Bowling Alley to the Museum (its in the City Nights
painting). This started as a simple bowling game which became a
monster. Its the most complex thing I've done so far with Flash3! The
sounds were my biggeste concern because the game would play fine for
several turns and then iyt would bomb my browser and stall the Player
when I tried it from the computer. I chnged all sounds to events from
streaming and it solved the problem. If anyone has a chancce, I would
love some feedback. the url is below.
Thanks again!
PS: Who is Marimo?...Please pardon my ignorance....
Jim Curry :-)
Virtual Curry
"A nice place to unwind on the internet"
gif and flash animations,
illustrations, music and more

jcurryatfuture [dot] dreamscape [dot] com (mailto:jcurryatfuture [dot] dreamscape [dot] com)
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  Re: boy the mail...., Dorian Nisinson

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