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Subject: Re: Flash 3 Java Export
From: Bruce Petersen
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 17:53:43 +0100

Hi Matt,
  Aftershock Version 2 was the new version that shipped
  with Flash 3.  My understanding is that the version of
  Aftershock is lagging behind the version number of Flash
  by one.
  There is the capability to "force" the use of the
  Flash Java Player via the Aftershock options...but the
  file that is played is still the swf file.  Go back
  and look at the options on the Aftershock control
Bruce Petersen
phone: (612) 502-0256 leave message.
email:  brucep3atix [dot] netcom [dot] com
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From: Matthew Phillips <mphillipsatc-studios [dot] com>
To: flasheratshocker [dot] com <flasheratshocker [dot] com>
Date: Monday, June 29, 1998 11:37 AM
Subject: Flash 3 Java Export

Having just purchased Flash 3 online, I was wondering
if there is a Flash 3-to-Java exporter?
Everything I've created is in Flash 3, but I only have verison 2.0
of Aftershock.
Anyone know when we can expect a "verison 3.0" of Aftershock?
Matthew Phillips
Multimedia Developer

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