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Subject: |manners: |frm: waynet |was: ISP needs Flash site,-chance forexposure
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 19:57:51 +0100

Fr: wayNETatWebStaffing [dot] Net

Dear International-Flash Group ,

In US culture,
those that agree, usually say nothing ,
or sometimes do; If they
feel strongly about the subject ,
or feel a "fellow" has been insulted.
Those that don't, usually post an argument.


I'm glad to see that as a group,
we agree that sometimes ,
in the life of a developer ,
it's best to take on some pro-bono cases ,
when you can .

Lawyers know it, so do Doctors .
They do it are and are a good model .
Behind every great professional ,
is a man (or women) who has contributed time ,
without the expectation ,
of reward .

So; Sometimes , take-on cases , even though
the client can't afford you .

You will be blessed by doing so .

Wishing you the Power Of Touch ,


Wayne Townsend
WebStaffing.Net, Dallas, TX. USA
waynetatTopher [dot] Net (mailto:waynetatTopher [dot] Net)
wayneatWebStaffing [dot] Net (mailto:wayneatWebStaffing [dot] Net)

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