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Subject: Re: flasher-digest V1 #206
From: David Gary
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 20:05:08 +0100

christian griffith wrote:

> That is what i call "having confidence in your creative abilities". Doing
> comp work is not for everyone,

Hiya Christian,

Doing comp work is not for everyone but it effects everyone.

> but if you can handle the peanut butter sandwiches and Ramon noodles daily,
> it's a great way to gain
> exposure and earn a reputation for doing what you do "for the love of it",
> as well as the financial rewards.

Well I certainly hope that everyone can find something they like to do and make
a living at it. However its viewpoints like the above that increase the growing
problems developers are having with firms requiring
unreasonable or unnegotiatable contracts as a requirement of doing business.


"peanut butter sandwiches and Ramon noodles daily", huh?!
Cutting edge, peanut butter and Ramon noodles?! huh?!

> ...anyone requesting my motivational tapes can feel free to send 19.95 and a
> self-addressed envelope to...

Send me a free copy and Ill tell people where I got it.

> "everything you ever wanted to know about Macromedia Flash"

except how to promote it.



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  Re: flasher-digest V1 #206, christian griffith

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