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Subject: Re: Please help me understand new features
From: David Gary
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 20:29:17 +0100

Judy Miller wrote:

> Dear list members,
> I am trying to understand the uses and differences of many of Flash 3's new
> features.
> What I am wondering is can you set up a site that works within one frameset,
> that runs multiple movies on the screen?
> I am trying to understand the Load Movie command and I am wondering if you can
> load a move next to another one, or have the movie underneath temporarily fade
> while the new one loads.
> Can this function to run a banner ad, navigation system, and content at the
> same time, intertwining and changing dependant on what is selected without
> having to have a multiple frame set environment?
> Judy Miller
> Fall River Decorative Arts
> http://fallriver.ns.ca | judyatfallriver [dot] ns [dot] ca (mailto:judyatfallriver [dot] ns [dot] ca)

Hiya Judy,

"load movie" places movies on top of each other like layers. _0level would be the
bottom layer
_1level would be the next layer and so on. Animation fps and movie size is
controlled by the 0level movie.

Say you had a movie on the 0level that was 800x600 and another movie on 1level at
it will appear in the top left hand corner of the 800x600 0level movie.

IMO, its better in most cases to create all movies the same size if you plan on
using "load movie"
feature. If the whole site is done in Flash, forget frames and use a navigation
bar on the 0level movie
to control "load movies" on different levels.



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  Please help me understand new features, Judy Miller

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