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Subject: Simple explanation of "Tell Target"
From: Stephen J. Pintauro
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 20:54:45 +0100

Hello all,
I guess I am just a bit slow in these matters, but I am having
difficulty understanding exactly what "tell target" does. I have been
using Flash 2 since it first came out, and I am quite comfortable with
all of its features. I recently upgraded to Flash 3 and enjoy many of
the new features, including transparancy, mask etc.. I am sure I would
be able to take great advantage of "tell target", if I only had a good
sense of when to use it. I have read the documentation with the Flash 3
manual, but did not find it particularly helpful. I assume that the new
Flash 3 Web Animation book due out in August will do a much better job
of explaining this, however I would like to experiment with it sooner.

Would anybody out there be able to offer a layperson's explanation of
"tell target", and perhaps some examples of when it can be used most

Thanks in advance,
Stephen Pintauro

Stephen J. Pintauro, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Nutritional Sciences
University of Vermont
Phone: 802-656-0541

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