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Subject: Re: Flash 3 Java Export
From: John Dowdell
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 20:54:23 +0100

At 9:12 AM 6/29/98, Matthew Phillips wrote:
>Having just purchased Flash 3 online, I was wondering
>if there is a Flash 3-to-Java exporter?

There is no Flash to Java export. Director can export its interactive work
to Java Classes, but Flash relies on a Flash Java Player to play its native
SWF files

There are currently Flash 3 players as Netscape plugins on various
platforms, and for ActiveX Controls, and for the standalone Projectors on
various platforms. The Flash Java Player does not yet support transparency
and other new features in the Flash 3 file format, however -- some of these
new abilities are more difficult to support in the various Java Virtual
Machines than they are in full native code.

In the meantime, export from Flash 3 in SWF 2.0 format if you'll be
delivering to alternate engines such as the Flash Java Player, the Flash
Asset Xtra in Director, WebTV, etc. The various alternate engines will each
go through their own development cycle, but you can always feed them
multimedia in a form they'll understand, today.

(Aftershock 2.0 is the current version. It works with Flash 3 files and
Director 6.5 files. It makes it easy to use the Flash Java Player with SWF
2.0 files.)

Summary: Flash plays back SWF 2.0 files through the Flash Java Player.
Director exports its movies as Java classes. The first wave of Flash 3
players includes Netscape plugins, Projectors, and the ActiveX Control;
save in SWF 2.0 format if you'll be playing back in other engines right


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