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Subject: Re: ISP needs Flash site, chance for exposure
From: Brian Dunaway
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 22:18:59 +0100

> You make a valid point, and I hate to be contrary,
> but exposure has always been costly and difficult to get.
> Especially, when the developer market becomes crowded.
> As is happening now.

I don't think 'professional' work can be done for free.
Sure you can get Joe Blow to do a freebie site but you will get an
unexperienced newbie who will more than likely not be experienced
with deadlines and will not be a able to get the results that they
may promise (especially in the 2 week time frame that they have put
on the project in question.)

If you want exposure then work on yourself a site to promote
yourself. You can take some time and get a little pratical experience
that you can apply to working on another site when 'paying customers'
come along that like your work and your style.

I personally think the ISP in question is just asking for trouble.
You get what you pay for especially in this business.

> I have no doubt that a Flash Artist somewhere
> is going to take advantage of this.

Maybe a Flash Ameuteur

> The *offer is* that someone can trade a few hours
> of their time & creativity,
> in exchange for publicity.
> For some people who are not totally booked,
> as you seem to be,
> this is a workable arrangement.

If you are not totally booked then you aren't doing something right.

> I can assure you, that
> if Disney called
> and asked you to put something together,
> you wouldn't think twice
> and would comp the time.

HA! Disney would not offer any talented artist that kind of deal.
Successful businesses do not ask for freebie work...they pay for it.

I think one of the problems we have in this business is that there
are too many upstarts that will do freebie work for exposure and end
up having a horrible experience when they find out the customer
expects $3000 dollars worth of work for free and they want it

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