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Subject: Re: ISP needs Flash site, chance for exposure
From: Michael Liu
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 23:24:18 +0100

> From: Brian Dunaway <brianatstudiom80 [dot] com>
> I think one of the problems we have in this business is that
> there are too many upstarts that will do freebie work for exposure
> and end up having a horrible experience when they find out the
> customer expects $3000 dollars worth of work for free and they
> want it yesterday.

Actually, the real problem is that there are so many start-ups and people
who think they can "Learn How to Build a Web Site in 14 Days", that
potential clients have no idea as to the true value of our work (Flash
being an extension of the Web design industry). That a company can expect
to get a talented designer to work for free (under demands for high quality
in short time no less) illustrates all too clearly how businesses devalue
our craft.

We need to educate potential clients as to the level of skill--both
technical and artistic--and amount of work that is required to build a good
Web site, whether in Flash or plain HTML. Working for free will do just the

If you have the talent to make a living in this business, then it is
imperative that you turn down such offers to work for free. Otherwise, you
will have no future career...because our profession won't be worth


Michael Liu
Compelling Images(SM)
mliuatcompellingimages [dot] com

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