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Subject: fw: Shock comes with Win98
From: Gabriel Mulzer
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 11:36:33 +0100

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>>Subject: Re: Shock comes with Win98
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>>Gretchen wrote:
>>"Hey, has anyone noticed that Shock comes default-installed with Win98 if
>>you elect to keep the Internet options, which most people will?"
>>Note that it's the Shockwave ActiveX control that's installed with Win98.
>>The Director and Flash ActiveX controls (like other ActiveX controls) are
>>system extensions, as opposed to browser extensions. In other words, they
>>extend the functionality of the OS, not just one particular app.
>><personal evangelical opinion>
>>*Any* Windows application can now include Shockwave content if written
>>correctly. I think this represents a tremendous opportunity for Shockwave
>>developers, because you can now use Director and Flash to create rich
>>multimedia content and embed it within any Windows application. (It does say
>>at macromedia.com that the use of the control is officially supported only
>>in IE, but there's also a technote with instructions on embedding SW content
>>in a VB app ... Seems to me that if developers start using Director content
>>in other apps, the support would follow.)
>></personal evangelical opinion>
>>Summary: Shockwave is now part of the Windows OS.
>>Mark MacKenzie
>>Microsoft Encarta

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