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From: Steve Couture
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 14:41:41 +0100

I have a project to devlop a software with delphi and flash embeed(for a
client)... I want to give the active X of flash on the CDROM of the
software... But there is cost for the licensing of the active X... And its

But there is a lot of users that have already the flash activeX on their
Systeme.. and it come with Windows98... I dont know the % of people who
really need the ActiveX...

My question is... Does any of you having a similar experience??... Is it a
good option to give the CDROM without the activeX and oblige the users to
download the ACTIVE X??? Is there any way to give the active X without
having to paid the license???

Steve Couture
Concepteur des Aventures Interactives de Berny
Fondateur de Track Multimédia

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  Re: FLASH ACTIVE X, Christian.Gayton

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