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Subject: Re: Guild? (was: ISP needs Flash site, chance for exposure)
From: trotter
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 15:28:47 +0100

>I haven't either - but I *have* seen LOTS of other industries with
> guilds, associations, whatever you'd like to call it - that assist its
> members in creating a united front in order to inform the public and
> mold its perceptions.
That's the scary thing about them--guilds, I mean. They all start out
with good intentions, like the Writers' Guild or Screen Actors' Guild of
America, but they invariably come closer to resembling unions than groups
dedicated to nothing more than advancing the particular art form and
presenting a unified voice. And that hurts any of us.

It's a natural evolution, and that would ruin one of the most attractive
aspects of the multimedia industry, namely, that it's not unionized, and
if you can get your abilities presented to a prospective client, then you
can get the job, theoretically, with no concern over whether the client
is obligated to consider any existing lists of due-paying members before
they can hire you.

In other words, it's more substance-based hiring than non, like I think
somebody already suggested becomes the case, where unqualified or average
developers get more creedence than perhaps they deserve by virtue of
belonging to such an organization.

I think it would better serve us if we were to accept the responsibility
of molding the public perception on an individual, and not unified,
basis, and avoid the host of problems that comes along with support
group-type organizations.

In my opinion, of course, and it should be taken for what it's worth--an

Dave T.

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