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Subject: Re: Gabocorp
From: Jen Dugan
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 17:26:58 +0100

At 11:32 AM 6/30/98 EDT, you wrote:
>In a message dated 98-06-30 09:17:30 EDT, you write:
><< Does anyone else agree? >>
>Personally, I could care less.

AMEN!! I am really happy for the Gabguy and thrilled that his site got a
lot of attention for Flash, but there are so many OTHER innovative and well
designed Flash sites out there. Personally I find Gabocorp's design very
"horsey" and I do not look at it as an example of a finely designed and/or
innovative Flash site. Check out some of these urls:


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  Re: Gabocorp, Seven2000

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