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Subject: Re: Javascript and tables
From: PeaceFire Maji
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 18:49:20 +0100

There is a bug with the images array when a table is involved. When an
<img> tag appears in a table cell in Netscape 3, two Javascript Image
objects are created, when in <img> tag is in a table nested within a
table, four Image objects are created. Only the last object for an <img>
tag has a working src attribute- so don't use document.images[].
Instead, name the images and refer to them by name. When more than one
image is has the same name, Javascript sets up an array. Again, it's
only the last object to have a working src. So you'd use:
document.bird[1] not document.bird[0] to refer to an image in a table.
Hope that helps.

Sorry it wasn't Flash related...

peacefire maji
vision style

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  Re: Javascript and tables, Stumpy

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