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Subject: Re: Guild? (was: ISP needs Flash site, chance for exposure)
From: Gary Smith
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 19:53:25 +0100

> From: trotter <trotteratcvm [dot] msstate [dot] edu>
> To: flasheratshocker [dot] com
> Subject: Re: Guild? (was: ISP needs Flash site, chance for exposure)
> Date: Tuesday, June 30, 1998 10:30 AM
> >I haven't either - but I *have* seen LOTS of other industries with
> > guilds, associations, whatever you'd like to call it - that assist its
> > members in creating a united front in order to inform the public and
> > mold its perceptions.
> That's the scary thing about them--guilds, I mean. They all start out
> with good intentions, like the Writers' Guild or Screen Actors' Guild of
> America, but they invariably come closer to resembling unions than groups

> dedicated to nothing more than advancing the particular art form and
> presenting a unified voice. And that hurts any of us.

Say What? I cant speak for the Writer's guild or the "Screen Actors" guild,
but the artist guild protects the best interest of the commercial artist or

It creates a standard that protects the integrity of the market. It is the
overall view
of professional artist's that make it what it is. To say it hurts us is far
from true. It helps us
immensely. I think your getting the "Picassos" mixed with the "Dave

Theres a difference in the fine arts and commercial art. Your opinion is
on the money when it comes to the artist that displays his work in a
but in freelance illustration its a different game. I've never found "Fine
Art" created and sold in digital form.
Thats why I think people relate multi-media to commercial art.
There must be a standard to direct the market. This really isnt a "price"
issue more than its
a "this is what to expect from this industry" issue, i.e. negotiations,
contracts, copyright ownership,
etc. Price in this market will vary due to quality and experience.
The client must not be confused. Whoever said guilds werent unions?
Marketing art is a funny thing. When your painting from the heart and your
own imagination its "Fine
Art" and of course should not be unionized. If your creating or designing
for a clients brand, its a totally different story however and they must
know what to expect from the industry.

> In other words, it's more substance-based hiring than non, like I think
> somebody already suggested becomes the case, where unqualified or average

> developers get more creedence than perhaps they deserve by virtue of
> belonging to such an organization.

I think this is far from the truth. As long as Ive been a member of the
Artist Guild
I dont think Ive even seen this issue brought up. The quality of the
artist's work and experience
is what sets his price. The Guild's interest which is the interest of the
market(thousands of
seasoned artists and illustrators) is evolved more around contract and
legal issues than a
"standard" price. Evidently this post is from someone who hasnt worked in
this market for long.

> I think it would better serve us if we were to accept the responsibility
> of molding the public perception on an individual, and not unified,
> basis, and avoid the host of problems that comes along with support
> group-type organizations.

Sorry but a commercialized market doesnt work that way. Again "Fine Art" is

> In my opinion, of course, and it should be taken for what it's worth--an
> opinion.
> Dave T.

Of course this is also my opinion, but from an experienced background
in the field.


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