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Subject: Re: flasher-digest V1 #210
From: christian griffith
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 20:02:41 +0100

>>>>>>>Jen wrote : Personally I find Gabocorp's design very
"horsey" and I do not look at it as an example of a finely designed and/or
innovative Flash site.>>>>>>>>>>>

please, Jen, if you reeked anymore of jealousy...i'd need noseplugs. Gabo's
designs are top-notch and from day one, he has pushed the limitations of
Flash to levels that most of us are only experimenting with or worse,
scratching our heads over.

i realize that this may not be the forum for this, but as a "roots" flash
developer, i feel the need to stand up for a fellow innovator.

shoot, you're probably ridin' the I-hate-bill-gates-cause-he's-mega-rich

Christian Griffith
New Media Producer
Freebairn & Co. www.freebairn.com

"everything you ever wanted to know about Macromedia Flash"

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