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Subject: Re: flasher-digest V1 #210
From: Joe Crawford
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 20:11:44 +0100

christian griffith wrote:
> >>>>>>>Jen wrote : Personally I find Gabocorp's design very
> "horsey" and I do not look at it as an example of a finely designed and/or
> innovative Flash site.>>>>>>>>>>>
> please, Jen, if you reeked anymore of jealousy...i'd need noseplugs. Gabo's
> designs are top-notch and from day one, he has pushed the limitations of
> Flash to levels that most of us are only experimenting with or worse,
> scratching our heads over.

I've seen this thread on other lists:
Gabocorp is CRAP vs.
Gabocorp is the BEST!

I like to take the middle way. Gabo has done some very interesting
work. You don't have to like it. In fact Jen, you can hate it as
much as you like. But to say it's not innovative is not just a lie.
It's a damn lie.

He has indeed pushed the limits of what Flash can do - and I'm happy
people with interesting ideas are developing for Flash.

- joe

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