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Subject: Animating text in Flash 3
From: Fabrice Dupont
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 22:45:12 +0100

Hi all

I'm a bit new to this, so bear with me.

Am I nuts, or is it impossible to fade text in and out unless you make it
a symbol?
Am I nuts, or is it impossible to animate simple drawn lines or shapes
unless you make them symbols?

If the above is true, does making these things symbols make the movie
(Especially text)

If the above is true, why would anybody use anything else than symbols in
Flash ?

Also, what's the average movie size for a full site?(i.eGabocorp and
subsequent copies of it around)
How many symbols do you guys end up with (roughly)?

I'm putting my stuff together, end since the manual is what it is, I'm
having to find workarounds a-la-fab for everything it doesn't tell
me....Lots. And they're not that great!
answers to these questions would help a lot.

Thank you.


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  Re: Animating text in Flash 3, John Croteau

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