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Subject: Re: Animating text in Flash 3
From: John Croteau
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 23:22:39 +0100

Hi Fabrice,

> Am I nuts, or is it impossible to fade text in and out unless you make it
> a symbol?
> Am I nuts, or is it impossible to animate simple drawn lines or shapes
> unless you make them symbols?
You can do a normal tween of a single group or a single symbol. For a
shape tween you cannot tween a group or symbol.

> If the above is true, does making these things symbols make the movie
> bigger? (Especially text)
It takes a few bytes to make symbols.

> If the above is true, why would anybody use anything else than symbols in
> Flash ?
I generally symbolize all my objects (except when I am going to morph
(shape tween).

> Also, what's the average movie size for a full site?(i.eGabocorp and
> subsequent copies of it around)
Gabo isn't on our list as far as I know or at least doesn't post. I have
no sites that copy Gabo though I use many of the same effects as Gabo
does and demonstrated many before him.
The size of a Flash Movie or Flash site should depend on its content
like any other Web site.

> How many symbols do you guys end up with (roughly)?
Dozens to hundreds.

> I'm putting my stuff together, end since the manual is what it is, I'm
> having to find workarounds a-la-fab for everything it doesn't tell
> me....Lots. And they're not that great!
> answers to these questions would help a lot.
Have you checked out Flash Central and the Flash Tech Resource?

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  Animating text in Flash 3, Fabrice Dupont

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