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Subject: FLASH: Flash Player graphic glitches (Mac)
From: Christian Russell
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 04:02:06 +0100

I am getting some bizarre results with exporting swfs and testing them in
the Flash Player that ships with the 30 day trial of Flash 4.
The swf at the moment is straight animation, with a character walking over
a fairly detailed background. The walking character is just an MC with an
embedded MC playing random frames (for occasional blinks). If I start to
click on the background in a few random places then the glitches start to
happen - basically a few chunks of the character turn black with a white
bounding box (these disappear when the character moves or if I minimize and
maximize the window). Is this to do with my graphics card, or the flash
player, or the swf that Flash 4 produces? Any help / insight much

Christian Russell

F u s i o n

Fusion Design Consultants Pty Ltd
1st Floor, 5-9 Vardon Avenue
Adelaide, South Australia 5000


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