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Subject: Re: FLASH: Labels across Frames(Code Heads Needed)
From: John Croteau
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 04:53:14 +0100

Hi Dixon,

> >Talking across frames between 2 Flash movies requires FSCommand.
> >See the Hawaii Scripting example:
> >http://www.FlashCentral.com/Tech/Scripting/Index.htm
> Thanks for that John, I checked and it, but it seems it is the same code as
> the url I posted before.
No, it's not.

> It works fine for IE on both the MAC and PC but the code seems very flakey
> on Netscape 4.X. It will only work about 1 in every 50 times and I don't
> know why? I have tried on various version and various machines.
If it only works one time in 50 there is likely something else wrong.

If you looked at Jon Gay's, My Anchor Clock or My FlashTek clock you
will see
that your's is not the same as any of them.

var map = InternetExplorer ? parent.sbottom.rmap :
var map = InternetExplorer ? parent.sbottom.rmap :

If the Flash movie is the only embeded object on the page or it is the
first embeded object it will be embeds[0], otherwise it you need to
determine which embeded object it is and adjust the number.

FlashTek uses the same but in longhand JavaScript code.

The Anchor clock uses a different technique to provide the paths:

function jc(){
if (navigator.appName.indexOf ("Microsoft") !=-1)
{ return window['clock'] }
else { return document['clock'] }

All 3 of these methods work flawlessly, the method you are using is
known to be less reliable. For some reason some browsers have trouble
parsing that syntax even though it is should work.

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  Re: FLASH: Labels across Frames(Code Hea, Dixon

  FLASH: Labels across Frames, Dixon
  Re: FLASH: Labels across Frames(Code Hea, Dixon

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