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Subject: Re: FLASH: Collecting Info from Flash Movie (2)
From: Jeff Talbot
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:28:18 +0100

thanks for your help/suggestions.

> As you want to to use the vars in a mailto response your best bet is to
> pass the vars via FSCommand. everything you want to do can be done in
> Flash3 the only difference is that with 4 it would be a bit easier.
> I don't quite understand the part about the pseudo getURL you don't need
> this.
This route was based on info in a MACR technote (# 04160), which says
to use the 'GetURL' action, with FSCommand:[command string] in the URL
box, and [args string] in the target box which will pass them onto the

The way I have used it so far is: at the first question the player
answers a clicking on button 'A' or button 'B'. These buttons have the
following actions attached to them:

Go to and stop <----- [Label - A] or [Label - B]
GetURL <----( [FSCommand:button1] in URL box
End On ( [1a] or [1b] in target box

I am assuming that this would then send the message "1a" or "1b" to an
array called "button1" in the javascript. This method would then be
repeated for the remaining questions (button2, 3, 4, etc). At the end
of the game, this information needs to be passed back to Flash to
customise the end screen, so that it could say: You answered 'A' to
Q1, 'B' to Q2, etc. and provide a customised profile. When the player
clicks a 'mailto:' button on this end screen, the information would
then be included with their email (I am beginning to think this last
bit may be better as a form which could be submitted ?).

> You can have a normal FSCommand let's say answer is the name that sends
> one or more args. Convert the args string into an array. An easy way to
> do this is to define a separator for each arg and then do a split. That
> way you can store the answers ...
Does the method outlined above accomplish this?

> ... and use the stored values to trigger the
> final screen.
This is the part I am unclear on - how do I send the results back so
that Flash can read them and display the appropriate text on the final
screen? My javascript expertise is VERY limited (but expanding rapidly
this week!).

> You refer 65 possibilities do you mean 64 that would
> represent 6 decisions ?
There are 6 questions, each with two possible answers (there is no
right or wrong here, just a personal preference), plus a 'cheat'
button for those who just want to skip the game.

> not to difficult. Then you can use the same vars
> and pack them off with a mailto if you want.
> Nigel

Thanks again for taking the time to answer, Nigel. I feel as though
I'm almost there, it is just the minor points that need sorting. If
you feel that this topic is taking up too much bandwidth (or getting
too boring for the rest of the Listers) you can email me offlist. TIA.


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  Re: FLASH: Collecting Info from Flash Mo, Nigel Randsley-Pena

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