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Subject: FLASH: Detecting non Flash browsers etc..
From: Richard O'flynn
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 16:53:15 +0100


Can anybody provide advice about the following. I am using Aftershock to
generate HTML pages to hold my flash movies. The HTML that it produces
is something like:

...movie params
if (plugin)
document.write('<EMBED SRC=movie.swf>');
document.write('<HTML alternative>');
<HTML alternative>
<HTML alternative>
I have tested this code on IE with ActiveX disabled and my page is
Then if I disable JavaScript on the IE browser, I get the HTML
alternative twice!!

Although I would like everyone to view the shockwave, I really do not
want to alienate anybody from my site - and I know how people can curse
when they hit a site that they cannot view.

What is accepted as the best (and possibly the most widely used) way to
code and script for the widest range of browsers?

I have not been able to test the possible scenarios on Netscape as my
browser has the plugin installed and I cannot find the option to disable
it. But maybe somebody knows the answer for this too.

Also related, when I view the Aftershock files in Dreamweaver, it seems
to think that the EMBED tags are misplaced? Anybody know why? Can
somebody explain why the <OBJECT> tag encapsulates everything in the
HTML page?

Sorry for the long and maybe fussy query, but I want to try and respect
other peoples preferences.


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