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Subject: FLASH: My first Flash Site! Please check -->
From: Olympic Health Management Systems
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 18:46:55 +0100

Hi everyone. Well, after many hours of fooling with flash and listening to
all of you, i have finally created a crazy little flash site. Actually, i'm
testing it right now, and would appreciate it if some of you might have a
look and let me know what you think before i finalize everything. Currently,
links to the pictures, videos, sound and shoes are non-active since I'm
undergoing a web hosting switch, but linking to html files is super easy, so
please just disregard!

A little history on the site for those interested...i started a Michael
Jordan web site back during my sophmore year in college, it was basically
one of the first few on the net, and it got a lot of traffic and a lot of
press. It has evolved over the years and has been my "experiment" site,
where I play with different ideas, concepts and navigation. i have
maintained an email mailing list for awhile now and have a great resource in
which to communicate with my visitors...and motivate return visits. so,
being my experiment site, I naturally wanted to migrate to flash...which i
have done. the first michael jordan page on the net that's flash! this site,
the Michael Jordan Virtual Gallery has been in magazines/publications all
around the world and has been featured by Yahoo! with nba.com, chicago
tribune, cbs sportsline, and some others....a fun result of a very "limited"
side project..anyway, I just got my flash 4 and I'm excited to get onto
other projects where I can apply some new ideas and concepts. the concepts
manifested in this site are some of my first ventures into flash, and could
prolly be made cooler and more efficient...so check it out and let me know
what you think! thanks, thomas

temp address: http://www.ac.wwu.edu/~n9345228/mjindex.html

regular html site: http://www.ac.wwu.edu/~n9345228/tom1.html
webmasteratohmsystems [dot] com

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